Stay Safe

To our customers, guests and associates:

In preparation for the reopening of our Krystal® hotels and the brands we proudly operate among which we have Hilton, Hyatt and Marriott brands, we are doing everything necessary so that when you resume your business and pleasure trips, you can feel the highest confidence and trust in our very high Hygiene standards when choosing any of the hotels we manage.

We are proud to be the first Mexican hotel chain to announce a sanitary certification program under the name Stay Safe&Clean, based on compliance with strict hygiene and sanitization protocols, which will be audited and certified with the main objective for our guests to feel safe in our hotels.

Stay Safe&Clean is the result of a deep analysis of both national and international standards to define actions for cleaning and disinfecting of our hotels and all their facilities, which consists of:

Our certification and procedures will be covered in all areas of our hotels and will be continuously improved. We will also be adapting our model to new trends and best practices. We will be focusing on the following:

Rooms: A special procedure is performed for areas that have many touchpoints. These include deep cleaning and continuous disinfection of door handles, furniture, light switches, remote controls, plugs, and all bathroom accessories and other touchpoints.

Food and Beverages: Continuous cleaning and disinfection of 100% of the furniture, dishes, glassware, plates, menus, supplies, etc., as well as kitchen equipment and utensils. Differentiated treatment to food contact surfaces, as well as deep cleaning and disinfection in kitchens, warehouses, as well as the rest of the back of the house.

Public areas: Continuous cleaning and disinfection of, motor lobby’s and all hotel access points, corridors, lobby’s, reception’s, gyms, swimming pools, meeting rooms, ballrooms, kids club’s, gym, ice machines, elevator cabins & buttons, handrails, luggage bells, business centers and warehouses among others among other areas.

Employees: Specialized training for our associates, as well as continuous cleaning and disinfection of dedicated areas for them such as offices, dining rooms and bathrooms, among others. Use of disinfectant gel, face masks, gloves and constant hand washing, among others be it front- or back-line associates.

We are preparing and reinventing ourselves through these actions that reflect our commitment to our clients, business partners and associates, with the determination to meet and satisfy new expectations and demands arising from these situations to make your next trips very pleasant and care free experiences.

I am honored to have an outstanding team who participated in the creation of the Stay Safe&Clean certification, which is an important new component in the responsibility we have towards our guests, shareholders, associates and general public.

“Together we will discover new horizons”


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